Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shark Dive Xtreme

Your Shark Dive Xtreme experience entitles you to free admission to Oceanworld; including interactive daily guided shows and guided tours and any special activities or feeds. Friends and family can also watch your dive and receive a discounted admission rate.

Extreme Scuba

They at Extreme Scuba love to dive. Whether it be in blue water, crystal clear caves or the murky Texas lakes you can find us promoting the sport of diving. They invite you to join in their adventures and allow they to guide you in your training. Their diver programs are designed to meet your needs and expectations.

Extreme elements - scuba diving

Scuba diving refers to the use of a self-contained breathing set to be able to breathe underwater for long periods of time and has popularly become a recreational activity. All diving equipments are carried by the diver, independent of any support or supply of oxygen from elsewhere. The diver propels underwater with the use of fins or flippers attached to the feet. The word “SCUBA” is actually an acronym for “Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus”. In modern convention, it refers to the use of open-circuit equipment where air is breathed from a compressed gas tank and then exhaled into the water. The first open-circuit scuba diving equipment was nicknamed “Aqua-lung”, developed by French naval officer and marine conservationist Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnan in 1943.

BSAC - extreme scuba diving

Join BSAC and you join a worldwide group of people who share a real passion for diving. They are the UK’s leading dive club and the sport’s National Governing Body, providing an internationally-recognised diver training and development programme via a network of clubs and centres across the country and overseas. So whether you’re a qualified diver or only just started, tried it on holiday or would like to learn - if you want the highest standards of training and great diving in good company, then BSAC is for you.

Southern California Ship Wrecks

The USS Moody was decommissioned after serving 11 years with the US Navy in June 1930. She was purchased by MGM and towed from Mare Island into Craig shipyard and reworked to represent a German destroyer for the 1933 movie production “Hell Below.” On February 21, 1933 the Moody was blown up and sunk while portraying a German ship under fire.
This is a fantastic extreme scuba diving jurney.
The Moody rests in 140+ fsw and is an experienced deep dive. The ship is broken in two sections and the hull compartments have collapsed. The two sections lay parallel about 100 feet apart. There is still considerable relief to the wreck site and many fish and wolf eels call the Moody home. It’s also covered with large expanses of corynactus (strawberry anemones) and other invertebrates.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Madagascar scuba diving holiday

The numerous dive sites around Sakatia vary in depth from six to fifty meters, consisting of walls, drops, coral reefs, and pinnacles. During boat rides, encounters with dolphins and whales are not uncommon, and dives with manta rays and whale sharks are all in a good days diving. The three house reefs five minutes away from the centre not only offer great afternoon dives but also are ideal spots for extremely safe night dives. The small paradise island is a place where dreams are made - no roads only foot paths.

Madagascar Scuba Diving Directory

Choose Your Vacation Destination! On this website is the list of scuba diving operators in Madagascar. Those shown in Bold Italics contain complete and detailed information about their operation. Those companies in bold only, contain links to other home pages. The remainder contain only name address and phone numbers.